Unleash creativityEnhance cognitive development Develop motor skills

How to have fun with Magic Nuudles

Aftercare activity:

This is the perfect tool to use as an after-care activity to keep children learning while having fun and being creative. Nuudles can be played with in groups or individually.
It’s great for your school’s reputation – parents and potential parents will love the focus and commitment to child development demonstrated by your school holding Magic Nuudles classes.

A fun and educational activity to add to any class curriculum:

If you would like to add a bit of flair to a planned class or happen to have a substitute teacher or gap in the curriculum and want children to learn in a fun way, this is the perfect tool to use. Magic Nuudles can help children learn about numbers, colors, shapes and more as well as build their imaginations and develop their cognitive and gross and fine motor skills.

Birthday parties

Magic Nuudles are a fantastic birthday activity! Why not set challenges or give out a prize for the best built model?

Events & Child Entertainment

Host a Magic Nuudles event and on sell product… and earn extra income at the same time!

Office team building

Host a fun and creative corporate team building event. Get your employee’s creative juices flowing and inspired to work together.

Fun at home or on holiday

Keep your kids busy for hours at home in a stimulating way using Nuudles to develop their imagination while building models. Magic Nuudles are a children’s development tool – they are biodegradable, ecofriendly and non-toxic. In fact, they are so safe that they can even be eaten, although we wouldn’t recommend it!

Great Gifts

Magic Nuudles make for a great gift for birthdays, Christmas and special treats.

Parents will be thrilled to see the growth and development in their little ones and so will you!